January 11, 2023

What Can You Do For World Kindness Week?

Being kind is an easy task: something everyone can choose to do every day. Whether that is giving someone a hug or going as far as to donate thousands of dollars, every little thing counts. With Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17) behind us, we bring our attention back to world kindness week, and how it makes a difference. Here at B Kind, we want to highlight some outstanding events this week, no matter how big or small, to show how much of a positive impact we all made. 

Westborough started off its world kindness week with motive and passion, offering community service opportunities for the young and old to go out and do good! Westborough High School is providing a free-drop in event that includes kindness stations, painting/decorating, etc. Furthermore, there will be a drive to collect all leftover Halloween candy for Soldier Angels, a charity that sends the candy to troops that are stationed overseas. 

That is not all we should highlight: in East Hampton, they held their Springs Pantry’s Chowdah Chowdown to help those who suffer from chronic hunger. Some of the best chefs located in and around East Hampton cook up some rocking chowder and serve it to all those who come to support this charitable event. There was live music, picnic tables, and, of course, tons of food. All proceeds raised by this event went directly to Springs Food Pantry and Share the Harvest Farm. Not only were they able to spread awareness, but they brought tons of people together!

On World Kindness Day, Michelle Boundy stood in front of a large crowd at Newcastle’s coastline dressed as an Elephant to bring awareness to her new program: The Elephant in the Room. While speaking to hundreds of residents, she not only emphasized the importance of compassion; but highlighted the exceptional work of volunteer crisis supporters to help prevent anyone who is contemplating suicide. 

Spreading kindness can be as big as gathering professional chefs or as little as speaking to residents in front of the beach. Either way, both have just as much impact as the other. Even the smallest bit of kindness can turn someone’s day around, and here at B Kind, we want everyone to see that. We are so proud to see so many people donating, offering their help in community service opportunities, and supporting local businesses/charities throughout world kindness week. We hope that this week can shine a light on the importance of kindness in the world. 

If you want to make a positive difference: it doesn’t have to be spectacular! Say hi to your neighbor, clean up after yourself, and smile. Even if you don’t see it, you are making a difference. In fact, you can donate right here to make a change, or you can check out our awesome B Kind products to gift your family this holiday season. All of our donations, along with our merchandise sales, go towards funding the charities that our company supports yearly. It’s time to start making a difference: it’s time to go out and B Kind!