Here at B Kind, we love to support different foundations yearly. It’s a way to bring awareness to so many different topics as well as give a helping hand to different communities. An exceptional partnership we have right now is with Morgan’s Message, a foundation that wants to bring awareness to mental health among student-athletes.

What Morgan’s Message Means to Us

Morgan’s story is something that resonated with us strongly, a young girl so happy about life and passionate about school and Lacrosse ending her life after she suffered with her mental health in silence. Mental health is something that should not be taken lightly and should be discussed more openly, so no one ever has to feel like they need to sit in silence. No matter how happy and motivated someone appears on the outside, you never truly know how they feel when they’re alone. At B Kind, we want to bring awareness to her story and build support for the Morgan’s Message foundation.

On our website, you can find a link to their website along with a detailed story of Morgan’s life. All our donations and merchandise purchases will go directly to this foundation to help support the lack of mental health conversations and acknowledgment in athletes and students. We’re also happy to note that Morgan’s Message has just started a new podcast where people share various stories about their struggles with mental health as an athlete. Not only will this bring more awareness, but it will hopefully be a safe space for those who are struggling with their mental health and need support or guidance.

Local Communities Taking Action

We also want to spread the word about how schools and communities can take action. Tons of Ambassadors are organizing “Dedication Games/ Matches” to bring awareness to the importance of mental health in student-athletes. It’s simple to coordinate and allows for tons of awareness in the community that will lead to more conversations about mental health. We also hope that it will make students feel less alone; so they don’t have to suffer in silence anymore. Each Ambassador/ Campus will be assisted in setting up and scheduling a Dedication Match / Game and will provide material support. That includes a speech, their logo, ribbons, stickers, and wristbands.

Connect with Us Today!

Working with such an exceptional cause has meant everything to us, and spreading awareness of Morgan’s story in hopes that no one else will have to hide their mental health as she did. Partnering with them has allowed us to bring in more donations for this foundation and create more conversations in various communities. If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, you can find tons of resources here. You are not alone, and we want that to be known. It’s time to start having discussions about mental health and its effects on student-athletes. Check out their website to see how you can take action, be an Ambassador, and find ways to help you or someone you know understands and seek help for their mental health.