Our mission at B kind is to encourage acts of kindness in our everyday lives. These acts don’t have to be a big act of kindness. The smallest acts are the ones that we want to celebrate. These acts are the ones we want to recognize and build a community around. One small act can change someone’s life but it can also change the world. 

Small Acts of Kindness

A small act can be something as simple as complimenting the first three people that you talk to for the day. This is not only going to make you feel better about saying something kind. This small compliment could make the person actually feel better and give them a smile for the day. 

Or if you don’t want to talk to someone you can easily send them a text. The key is to make this text a positive so someone will smile when they see that small message. These both are small ideas but if you want to do something bigger that is always an option too. A bigger option would be to impact no one person but multiple people in the random act of kindness. 

Donating Goods and Services

A bigger impact could be to donate old towels or blankets to an animal shelter. This is going to keep the animals that can’t adapt to have something that they might not have. Donating something that you might not use will make you feel good about helping the shelter. 

Want to make an impact in a different way? You could help clean up a park or even the beach. Cleaning up the beach or the park will take away some of the litter. This will not only feel good for you but also the environment. But it will also make an impact on the environment because that liter will not decompose into the ground. We don’t want to have that decomposing to have the pollutants in the ground. 

Impactful Actions

If these acts are a path that you want to take to make an impact, these are other ways to move forward. We have an online store where you can purchase B kind merchandise to help our mission. Not only will this support our mission but also help the charity that we are supporting for the year too. 

These donations help fund charities the foundation is supporting yearly as well as special projects. Every small act is working toward our mission. We want to get everyone excited about these small random acts of kindness. Making these small acts a part of your life is going to make you feel more positive and excited about helping people. You can start small and grow as you feel more confident with accomplishing these acts of kindness

Want to learn more about B kind? Visit our website at bkind.today to learn more about our mission, our upcoming events and everything about the most current charity we are supporting. We look forward to seeing you performing these small random acts of kindness and making an impact on the world in your own way!