December 15, 2023

Spreading Kindness: NCC Food Pantry’s Holiday Food Drive

Spreading Kindness: NCC Food Pantry's Holiday Food Drive

As we celebrate Kindness, there's no better way to embody the spirit of kindness than by supporting those in need. At B kind, we're excited to announce our collaboration with the Norwalk Community College (NCC) Food Pantry for a special Holiday Food Drive that extends throughout the holiday season. In this blog post, we'll delve into the essential work of the NCC Food Pantry, the impact it has on students, and how you can contribute to this meaningful cause.

NCC Food Pantry: A Beacon of Hope
Founded in 2015, the NCC Food Pantry was established to address the challenge of inadequate nutrition affecting academic performance. Research indicates a direct correlation between proper nutrition and student success, and the pantry aims to bridge the gap by providing accessible resources right on the NCC campus.

Students Served:

In the last academic year (2022-2023), the NCC Food Pantry recorded over 10,000 visits, highlighting the significant impact it has on the lives of students and their families.

Testimonials Speak Volumes

General Studies Student:
"It helped me so much. I was able to put food on the table for me and my family and still concentrate on my classes. I am so grateful for the help it gave and the reduced stress I felt."

Nursing Student:
"The Pantry was very helpful this semester. They provided much-needed food for me and my family, giving me more time to focus on my studies. My grades have improved greatly, thanks to the help of the food pantry."

Criminal Justice Student:
"It has helped me so much with food because I live with my mom, and she does not work. I am the only person in the house who works, and by the time all the bills are paid, I would barely have any money left to get food for myself and my mom. With the pantry, I was able to get groceries, and I was so grateful; it would make my day."
World Kindness Week and Beyond: A Time for Action

In the spirit of World Kindness Week, which kicks off our holiday season at B kind (Nov 13 – 19), we invite you to participate in our Holiday Food Drive by purchasing "Kindness Bags" on our website. Each bag, priced at $25, provides a complete meal for a student's family. We encourage you to extend your kindness to multiple families by buying multiple bags.

Make a Difference: How to Contribute

Visit our website “store”.
There you’ll find our "Kindness Bags".
Choose the number of bags you'd like to purchase.
Complete the easy checkout process.
Your contribution will not only fill stomachs but also hearts with gratitude. Let's come together as a community to make this holiday season a memorable one for every student at NCC.

Kindness in Action: Making a Lasting Impact Through the NCC Food Pantry's Holiday Food Drive

As we celebrate the holidays with friends and family, let's turn our compassion into action. This holiday food drive provides a tangible way to make a difference in the lives of NCC students and their families. By supporting this initiative, you're not just buying a meal; you're investing in the education and well-being of our future leaders. Visit our website and join us in spreading kindness, one "Kindness Bag" at a time.