September 27, 2023

Spreading Awareness through Kindness

We are proud to support an organization / charity, every two years, through direct donations and the purchasing of our products. All proceeds from our online store go to the organization we are supporting, so you can break out a new shirt while also feeling that your money is going towards something that is changing lives.

Why Supporting Charities is So Important

Supporting charities is a great thing to do, especially when you want to make a positive impact. Purchasing, wearing, and using our products reminds you and others of the values of being kind. It helps to spread the word and gives you something in return (we love giving back)!

We offer a variety of products. Our new line of Dry-FIT t-shirt and ½ zip shirts are great for the active, on the go person. Bringing your coffee, tea, or water with you in one of our new Yetti tumblers or putting a magnetic bumper sticker on your car will start a conversation which spreads kindness and awareness. Our products are also a great gift to family or friends this upcoming holiday season. You will be gifting two people at once with your purchase, our charity, and your family/friends!

How Can You Get Involved?

Our partner foundation that we are supporting in 2023 and 2024 is Norwalk Community College Foundation, which is a part of Norwalk Community College. It is an amazing cause that strives “to expand access to affordable, quality higher education, support the development of a productive workforce, and contribute to the knowledge and well-being of our community.” We are supporting them through the foundation’s programs of “The Pantry @ NCC” and their “Emergency Fund Program”. You can check out the foundation at

You can also check out all that B kind has to offer and all our products at

Additionally, taking the path down our direct donation process is a fantastic way to support these charities. Any and all donations on our website go directly to funding the charities our foundation supports. With these donations, we’re able to connect with individuals around the world to better understand their struggles and educate ourselves and others on what we can do to help. This also allows us to continue our most important goal; spreading kindness throughout every aspect of our life and sharing it with others.